What is ArtVerse

Based on the blockchain technology, the Artverse has solved the common issues in traditional art market, such as authentic right, traceability, anti-fake. It can also contribute to value redistribution through decentralized platform. The online editing function of the platform can create new value without changing the original NFT and reshape the value of encrypted art. That means artists will no longer be bothered by traditional issues and can foster a true value net. ArtVerse believes that the popularity of NFT will usher the whole Internet into the next era——value Internet. The information Internet will become the history. All the valuable things can be chained apart from art. The vision of ArtVerse is to create an encrypted art platform that is decentralized based on the existed blockchain technology.

This platform will allow artists to trade and make a profit without the help of decentralized institution. Producers can produce, distribute freely while consumers can trade freely without worrying about cost and counterfeit. Enthusiasts can proceed secondary creation and editing, etc. The system achieves the value of the fair, open and transparent price, multi win-win system.

Based on the characteristics of blockchain that cannot be tampered with and are transparent and visible, the works created by Artverse will be confirmed and certified on the chain, which ensures the uniqueness of the product. Besides, ArtVer can receive other NFT issued by other platforms. Artworks verified by other platforms can enjoy the same rights on ArtVerse.


ArtVerse Implementation Roadmap

We have a strong product roadmap and a top-level team to execute a strong vision of building a unique NFT world platform. On this platform, players can build, own and monetize their own creative experiences, and spread the power of blockchain as a leading technology in the digital asset industry.

November :Initiate the project, complete the overall project planning, and start to enter the implementation stage;

January: Set up the project team, and set up the Artverse Blockchain Lab.
March:Complete the ArtVerse project white paper; Research on the technical route of public chain.
June: Artverse landed on the international well-known trading platform.
September: Artverse official website online.

May: Artverse main chain test, block chain browser was put online.
November: Artverse independent wallet test, support cross-chain technology.
December: Independent wallet online, complete the mapping.

February: Start to develop side chain and complete the interaction with main chain.
March: Expand cooperation partners, on-line different assets.